Zavier Williams (he/him/his), a Black man of Trans* experience, grew up in the Bronx and is now a California-based speech-language pathologist who sha...View Details

Playwright Ai Aida (they/them), director Keiko Carreiro (she/they), co-director and actor Nick Ishimaru (he/him) sit with the Hyndsyte Project to disc...View Details

Romy Keuwo (he/him) is a poet, singer, and graduate student in speech-language pathology at Kansas University in Lawrence, KS who discusses navigating...View Details

Ruchi Kapila (she/her) and Asher Marron (they/them) venture out of the Bay Area to speak with Gray Butler (they/them), a Baltimore- and Southern Calif...View Details

The Hyndsyte Project co-hosts and co-creators, Ruchi Kapila (she/her) and Asher Marron (they/them), discuss their backgrounds as well as the origins a...View Details

Nann Tsehay (she/her), a Black queer cis woman multidisciplinary artist (singer-songwriter, producer, poet, and more) talks development of identity an...View Details

Premier episode: co-hosts Ruchi Kapila (she/her) and Asher Marron (they/them) speak with Leo Lyons (they/them), Bay Area social worker, singer and sel...View Details

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