Playwright Ai Aida (they/them), director Keiko Carreiro (she/they), co-director and actor Nick Ishimaru (he/him) sit with the Hyndsyte Project to discuss their gender expansiveness and fluidity in the context of Japanese culture, exploration of gender and activism through theatre, and the process of creating a diversely-cast, online theatre production with multidisciplinary art forms to both honor and deconstruct Japanese folktale tropes and stereotypes in The True Tale of Princess Kaguya (written by Aida, directed by Carreiro, co-directed by and starring Ishimaru), as part of SF Playground's 2020 Innovators Showcase. 

Free tickets with options for donation available here for 11/20 (Fri), 11/21 (Sat), and  11/22 (Sun). More information on the production can be found here.

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